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Masseur Le Havre (76) | Omm Massages

About me...

My name is Laurent, I am 45 years old

After 19 years in fitness, my professional life is changing...

It was at this time that I discovered Ayurveda which will allow me to discover myself (emotions, sensations) and to discover a new passion while bringing well-being.

Here I am on this new adventure/experience by training myself on Ayurvedic massages and also taking an interest in this medicine and philosophy (yoga, cooking and dietetics).

My goal is to offer you, through my different massages, various paths to well-being, well-being.

I am delighted every day to have chosen this turning point in my life and to have discovered this fascinating profession of support for both physiological and psychological well-being.

My experiences



Ayurvedic massage training at Tapovan,  Sassetot  Le Mauconduit in Normandy

Sitting Thai massage training   at Fit N Zen, Le Havre

Since 2002

Sports educator in fitness centers, associations, at home

Head Massage

The benefits of Ayurveda

Ayurveda based on the harmony between body and mind allows:

* calm the nervous system

* contribute to the expulsion of toxins from the body

* to facilitate the natural virtues of regeneration and defense of the body

* promote the circulation of energy

* improve digestion

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