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The services offered

For individuals, but also for professionals...

massage du visage
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Take advantage of original occasions, such as a birthday, Valentine's Day, or even a wedding, to offer a real sensory parenthesis, a moment of well-being.

A personalized service for magical moments during unforgettable events...


I will also travel in business. As part of well-being at work, I trained in seated Thai massage in order to offer employees relaxation sessions. This millennial massage practice, based on the traditional Japanese art of acupressure, is practiced in a seated position, on an ergonomic chair and through clothing. The session lasts 20 minutes on average. Although short, it remains stimulating and allows you to reach a deep state of relaxation. Its soothing and energizing effect proves to be an effective solution to combat stress and reduce musculoskeletal disorders related to sitting in front of a computer in particular.

Fast and effective,  this session combines calming and performance to guarantee high satisfaction.

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