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Tatouage au dos au henné
Tatouage au dos au henné

Yoga classes

I start the session with a calm moment thanks in particular to breathing (Prana) as well as a moment to come back to yourself and take full advantage of your practice, then you start with a warm-up and mobility work.

During the postures (Asanas), I guide you by my voice and by the demonstration of the movements. I also support you with adjustments if necessary according to your abilities in order to practice safely and follow a margin of progress. Breaks are planned in order to take full advantage of the effects of the postures.

Everyone will live their own practice (physical and mental) respecting their needs.

You can end the session with a relaxation session, in particular through Yoga Nidra (yoga of sleep).

This practice is done gently, gradually, taking into account self-knowledge and above all benevolence towards oneself.

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